The residents of Beech Grove enjoy the benefits that come with living in a small town and still having access to a large city. Beech Grove is a separate city within Marion County. It has its own school system, police and fire departments, parks, library, and many other services. Although it is a mainly residential community, it is also home to many large businesses including St. Francis Hospital’s Regional Heart Center.

With a low crime rate and few extremes of financial status, Beech Grove attracts residents looking for inexpensive homes near downtown. The generally neat and well-maintained neighborhoods in Beech Grove offer a range of housing options from new homes to comfortable ranches and historic cottages. Housing costs are generally between $60,000 and $125,000.


Beech Grove is a separate city in Marion County, located in southeast Indianapolis one mile east of I-65 on I-465. It is approximately 9 miles from downtown and 14 miles from the airport. Beech Grove is situated at the juncture of four townships – Center, Franklin, Perry and Warren.

POPULATION (figures based on 2006 Census)

City: 14,880
County: 860,454 – Marion County


Electric: Indianapolis Power & Light
Gas: Citizens Gas
Water: Indianapolis Water
Telephone: AT&T


Police: Beech Grove Police Department
Police: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Police: Indiana State Police
Fire Dept: Beech Grove Fire Department
Post Office: United States Post Office
Library: Beech Grove Public Library
City Hall: 806 Main Street – 317-788-4975
Chamber: Beech Grove Chamber of Commerce – 806 Main St. – 317-784-3003


Local: St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers – 1600 Albany St., Beech Grove
Indianapolis: Indiana University Hospital – 550 University, Indianapolis – 317-274-5000
Indianapolis: St. Vincent Hospital – 2001 W. 86th St., Indianapolis – 317-338-2345
Indianapolis: Community Hospitals


Local: South Side Times – 317-787-3291
Local: The Spotlight – 317-788-4554
Indianapolis: Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis: Indianapolis Business Journal


Indianapolis: Indianapolis International Airport


Websites: Department of Education
Websites: www.bgcs.k12.in.us
Elementary: Central Elementary – 1000 Main St. – 317-784-4565
Elementary: Hornet Park Elementary – 5249 Hornet Ave. – 317-780-5050
Middle School: Beech Grove Middle School – 1248 Buffalo St. – 317-784-6649
High School: Beech Grove High School – 5330 Hornet Ave. – 317-786-1447
Other Schools: South Grove Intermediate – 851 S. 9th Ave – 317-786-7687


Ascension Lutheran Church – 317-788-1118
Beech Grove United Methodist Church – 317-784-7612
Beech Grove Wesleyan Church – 317-786-7067
Body of Christ Fellowship – 317-784-5056
Calvary Mission Temple – 317-783-9888
Faith Assembly of God – 317-787-8566
Faith United Church of Christ – 317-784-4856
Fellowship of Christ – 317-781-1479
First Baptist Church – 317-784-1478
First Christian Church of Beech Grove – 317-786-8522
Holy Name Catholic Church – 317-784-5454
Independent Nazarene Church – 317-787-9770
Liberty Church – 317-784-1918
South Emerson Church of God – 317-787-0467
Southwood Baptist – 317-786-2719
Worship Center – 317-786-9802


Four public parks offer facilities for tennis, baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball. skateboarding, horseshoepits and picnicking. One of the parks, Sarah T. Bolton Park, is named for the first lady of Hoosier poetry, best known for her poem, “Paddle Your Own Canoe”. Her home still stands on South Seventh Street and it is said, her poem “Indiana” best describes Beech Grove. (According to Metropolitan Indianapolis Relocation Guide.)