Refinancing Your Mortgage-It’s Not Like it Used to Be

Rates for new mortgages are unbelievably low.  If you haven’t refinanced in a while, you should probably take a look at it.  Overall, the effort will be overwhelmingly worth it, but be prepared for what seems like a lot of unnecessary questions and paperwork.  We are going through the process ourselves and have never before seen this level of intrusiveness and probably overkill.  Calling an 800 number to do a conference call with your mortgage company to verify that your February mortgage payment was made????????? Then when you call this 800 number, they tell you that Nancy is on the other line and will have to call you back.  Is there not someone else who can place this conference call, and just get the job done?

Frustrating for now, but the new mortgage payment will be worth it in the long run!

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