Short Sale Saga Part 4-Believe it or Not!

Correspondence between the attorney helping the Seller and the Mortgage Co. from today

Thank you (Bank Person) for finally sending me the Bank’s communication you got on Jan 10th. And thank you for giving me your email address so I finally have a way to communicate with you…From what you have told me there is $xxxx more funds needed to close this deal…that is lot to ask of a distressed there any way we can negotiate with the Bank, or with the other Bank on this $xxxx? (for example will (Bank 1) take $xxxx rather than $xxxx, and will (Bank 1) pay $xxxx to (Bank 2) rather than $xxxx) Or will (Bank 1) take Promissory Note? Is there someone from (Bank 2) I can negotiate with or are you the go between? Can you help us work this deal with less hardship on the Seller?”

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