Top 5 Remodeling Projects

We are often asked if a home improvement project would pay off. According to REALTOR magazine, a survey of realtors in 80 cities cite the following as the top projects to do:
1. Entry Door Replacement. Cost recouped: 102%
2. Garage Door Replacement. Cost recouped: 83.9%
3. Siding Replacement. Cost recouped 80%(fiber cement siding is the top choice)
4. Kitchen Remodel. This article states that if you spend $21,700 you will recoup $15,790 or 72.8%. The article also states that many owners over-improve their kitchen and if that is the case, you may not be able to recoup the 72.8%.
5. Deck Addition. Cost recouped 72.8%

Personally, I was surprised to not see window replacements in the list.

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