More Positive Signs about Real Estate in Indy!

Many economists are predicting an upturn in real estate, recognizing that we have hit bottom a while ago and that things are on an upward trend. A source I enjoy looking at is called RIS Media(if you would like to get their RSS feed, here is a link
and here is a reason they cite for an upturn:

RISMEDIA, March 8, 2010—(MCT)—A smaller percentage of mortgages were delinquent and the rate of those entering the foreclosure process slowed in the fourth quarter of 2009, possible signs that the foreclosure crisis that has gripped many of the nation’s housing markets is finally starting to ease, a trade group has reported. “We are likely seeing the beginning of the of the unprecedented wave of mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures that started with the subprime defaults in early 2007,” said Jay Brinkmann…

I will make a prediction that this may mark the beginning of a trend from a buyers market to more of a balanced market or possibly even a sellers market. Look for my definitions of this in my blog post of Feb. 17. Thanks to RIS Media for the picture on this post.

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