Marion Country Property Tax Fiasco

The Marion County property tax fiasco is scheduled to be concluded on or about February 10, 2010. Normally, I would try to avoid harsh words like FIASCO in a blog, but really, there is no better word for it. Three years ago, assessments for many properties in Marion Country doubled, tripled or quadrupled overnight with no warning. As a result, tax bills increased accordingly and consequences were dire and unrelenting. Tax appeals are backlogged for years and taxpayers are expected to pay the assessed taxes subject to appeal later. Many have had no choice but to sell their homes. Those who remained, have experienced huge escrow shortages and consequently drastically higher monthly mortgage payments. The last tax installment for this terrible experience has been mailed and the payment is due February 10, 2010. For the time being, Marion County taxes have been capped at one percent of assessed value for homeowners with a mortgage exemption. My next blog entry will have some information about property tax exemptions–it is a GAME CHANGER for your tax bill!

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